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Alexandr Klemens

It happens very often to an artist that he is being born to the family of an artists. And thus being born into these circumstances, he sees, that being an artist is just fine. He doesnt have to go to a regular work and his eccentric behaviour is being accepted by others. And so this happened to me in the year of 1971. And a whole of my childhood I did not have a problem with a creative material. As I grew up I sometimes had to study some school of arts , because it had to be...we have to study...right? And when I grew up, I had to decide what I will do next? Parents told me: you have to get a proper job...so I started to study architecture - very dark time of my life. But now I am a big boy and I do with my life what I want to do. I sell art to live. But to be able to live on it I also have to desplay it, as we all have to. And I have been doing it for quite a long time. I also have a boring list of exhibitions. My first one was in the year of 1991 and since then it somehow goes on....