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Petra Schwarzerova

She was born in 1979 in Tábor. She lived there with her siblings and mother until she was 21, after that she ran into the world. She first lived for a year in Olomouc, where she worked in ceramics for a long time as a potter of ceramics. At that time, she lived in a private house on Karteřinská, in the premises of a former monastery, with her friends, university students from Olomouc. After a three-month trip in Italy, she moved to Brno, where she was preparing for university admissions to Brno and Prague. Her quality, which can be an advantage at certain moments that accompanies her in everything she does, is a tendency to make sudden decisions based on enthusiasm, which allows her to create strength regardless of time pressure and lack of time. The frequent repainting of paintings is often caused by the sudden need to paint and the lack of clean canvases. Acrylic painting is energetic, the strokes are fast but well thought out. In the oil from the earlier more pasty painting alla prima, I switch to painting with underpainting in thin layers. After Olomouc, she moved to Brno, where she met her current husband, who was studying there. They got married and within a year they had a baby girl. In 2004, with a six-month-old child, they moved closer to nature to Nový Hrádok, in eastern Bohemia next to the Polish border. Since then, they have moved a few more times due to adequate housing and the will of their husband's work in 2016 for three years to France near Lyon. She lived with her family in Vienna for a while, visiting Belgium and Japan, whose culture she admires and draws from. Today he lives with his family and 3 children again in Nový Hrádek. Since 2009 he has been focusing mainly on painting. In 2020, she met the painter Jan Spěváček, with whom she undergoes consultations. Since the end of 2020, under his influence, he has been returning to the technique of oil painting and the landscape. ...

"Morning. They all left for daily duties. All that remained were abandoned plates, bowls, mugs, the rest of the bread - cutlery, a knife, an apple core. Still life ready to be caught on a canvas or to be cleaned in a sink and a basket. I like human footprints, fantastic landscapes on the morning kitchen table, landscapes of views from the windows. I constantly store everything that speaks to me in my memory and on my camera. I then choose from it according to need and mood. My characters on the screen live real life, but more is happening in their minds. I see in the abstraction the most freedom for the viewer, but for me such freedom is the most difficult thing I want to achieve gradually. My biggest wish is to paint a picture in one go. But I don't dare to do that yet."


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