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Leo Baxiner

Leonid Baxiner was born in 1958 in Moscow.
In 1992 emigrated to America.
And since 1999 lives in Czech Republic in the city of Prague. He is the owner of a sewing brand, continues to paint pictures, creates sculptures, is engaged in art casting.
Since 1982 began to paint, because since the childhood liked to draw. Worked in restoration workshops and jewelry production. In his pictures influence of great masters is traced.
In the paintings always seeks to create picturesque textures and to pass mood and feeling.
Since 1983 participates in exhibitions and opening of Art Salons.
Since 1986 Leonid, still living in the territory of Russia, did charity work, helping children from orphanages. In the Czech Republic he also transfers money to children from orphanages.
Works are in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, America, Canada, Israel, the Czech Republic, Ukraine.

    Popular paintins by LEO BAXINER