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Portrait on a bookshelf

Alexandr Klemens

  • Short Description

    Siyze 120x60 cm. Oil on canvas
  • Description

    Portrait on the bookshelf. Evening colors. Memories of distant childhood. Grandfather's home library. Old books and dim light. Talking to grandfather about life before bedtime. Poems. No light from blue screens. Another world is a thing of the past. Smells bring memories. There is nothing to convey the smell of old books, but I can try.


  • Delivery

    We transport delicate works of art from proven and tried-and-tested transport companies. By default, the images are taken from the frame during transport and travel in tubes, but the works can also be transported directly on the frame. If you want to take advantage of such an opportunity, please inform us in advance and we will agree on the details together.

    We pay for the classic transport in tubes.
    In the case of transporting the original on a frame, we charge the customer. The price depends on the size of the work, but does not exceed the value of 150 Euros.

820 €

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